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To use technology for a multipurpose use.

@Defalme, we believe that the world has moved to a technology controlled environment and therefore we add in more efforts to achieve our needs for Travel & Hospitality services. 


One. Way.  We’re here to help?

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Why the best Travel & Hospitality booking site worldwide?

1,000,000+ Users Worldwide

Today Defalme’s booking engine stands as the most used worldwide! The number keeps rising, we have made it worldwide by extending to Africa.

4 – Booking Systems

4-Secured Booking Systems for Flight, Hotel, Bus & TaxiCab. An online Security team making sure all technical monitoring of the engines are working properly.

Access on All Devices

Our Booking Systems for the services featured are accessible on all devices just name it.

Travel Sales Representatives

We believe that in every country, our travelers need physical help.
We have Professionally trained Sales Reps across the globe who’s duty is to help travelers in aspects of making bookings & finding their services.

What Do Our Customers Worldwide Say:

John Schmidt – Traveler from Germany

I wan born to travel the world it;s all I know since my youth age, I use Defalme’s Flight Booking System always for my trip arrangements…

Brendan Halloway – Student from United States

I use Defalme for both Flight & Bus bookings for my travel plans. Never disappointing like others, the systems are so brilliant to effect and…

Lauren Bergers – Student from United Kingdom

Defalme has been my booking platform since I started my College in Rome, I use Defalme air booking system always to book my air tickets. Defalme has been my perfect booking…

Jack Danielsen – Traveler from Canada

Defalme has really made it for me. I book for all I need on the trip just in my hands, from flight to hotel to bus oh really this is an astonishing…

Bobley Dawson – Businessman from Ireland

All my trips since last year have been booked right on Defalme, I have had the chance to book flights, hotels and taxi cabs for my trips. And I’ve been…

Rachel Larnaker – Entrepreneur from Cyprus

Much appreciations to Defalme’s Free On-Flight Wifi used it from London to Brussels even if the plane I used had its own Wifi. Infact I would…